One of ZP.techs longest running products is Zynergy. As one of our earliest Alchemies, it took the community by storm with its meditative qualities and powerful increased awareness effects. A portion of its qualities comes from the proprietary M-State production process and the qualities of the metals.

As important as those details is also the type of metal used. Indium has been a breakout metal in the Medical Community. The power of Indium has been documented to increase energy, enhance memory by increasing both short and long term memory writing and recall along with being a chemical balancer and anti-aging.

Indium is a magical metal and the uses are broad reaching. As Brady covered in our July 2011 newsletter, Indium has deep roots within the spiritual world of Alchemy. With modern day science supporting Indium as a powerful and beneficial metal for the body, the future is grand for this precious element.

Indium can be found in many products:

Zynergy +
2012 Liquid
2012 Powder

Looking ahead, there are many great things yet to be done with Indium. R&D for is working on additional application and uses for Indium. More to come.