The Spirit of this month is Immunity and Prosperity. We’re a busy species, working hard, chasing down our dreams, sacrificing time and money to achieve specific goals. Often times, ones health actually makes it’s way to the back burner as we work work work. This always confused me, and many other people. Without our health, nothing else really matters and not only can we add a costs to our own success, being unhealthy can actually slow down the prosperity of those around us. That’s right, our own wellbeing can enrich and boost forward others around us, or even slow them down. Usually, there are weight goals, quitting smoking, eating better, getting more exercise and even sleeping better. These are the first places people put energy into usually and it may be backwards. Prosperity and health is as much a process for the mind as it is for the body. The mind usually gives up long before the body and we need to remember to put energy into developing and strengthening our minds. If our own spirit isn’t on board, then there’s very little chance of success at anything physical, monetary or experiential. This is why is here, to help you focus on the mind in harmony with the physical routines. From meditation to sound therapy, trace mineral super foods for the body to even dreaming better. Remember to take time out of your day to focus on your mind, meditation, yoga, Pilates, chanting, visualization or even just a quite walk. There are numerous ways to develop a stronger mind. With this rearrangement of priorities, you can achieve all of your goals much more easily. Remember, the first step to better health to achieve it all is a healthy mind. Stay the course.