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Monatomic elements born of noble metals have remarkable properties to rejuvenate and energize your cells. Unlike the metabolic processes that struggle to power our bodies via unhealthy chemicals such as sugar and caffeine, the chemically inert elements in these white powders: gold, platinum, silver, and other trace minerals, essentially supercharge your cells. 


Rather than clumsily force energy into your mitochondria through poor-quality food-based chemicals, the M-state elements in monatomic gold powder and related products are superconductors. They impart energy and wellness to every cell without losing energy in the process, making them a much more potent form of an energy boost. 

Treating the Whole Body

Consider a garden. You’re trying to water the garden to provide it with much-needed nourishment, but you only have a hose. All you can do is spray water in one area, soaking it to the point of becoming a muddy mess, and hoping it seeps slowly into the other areas. That’s trying to power your body with energy drinks, sugar-filled bars, and other unhealthy stimulants. 


White powder gold and other superconductor elements are like a cleansing rain falling on your garden, safely and uniformly providing nourishment across the entire area. The difference is clear. 


Because the monatomic gold powders are superconductors at room temperature, the minerals need not contact each other in order to provide energy. When ingested, they help guide the body’s natural processes to a more energy-rich state, amplifying your natural electromagnetic field and stimulating the entire cellular structure to a higher state of functioning. 

Unlock the Earth’s Natural Healing Powers

The alchemical benefits of these powders are transformational in their impact on your quality of life. Germanium monatomic powders can help enhance your body’s every process and have helped boost the body’s immune system for decades against the threat of diseases, even such as cancer. White powder gold mixed with silver, platinum, ruthenium, and rhodium can help you reach a state of lucid dreaming at will. stands by these products because they represent the best to be found in nature. These are not miracle cures peddled like snake oil. They’re natural elements that occur in a ceramic-like state rather than the metallic state we associate with most of them because of their monatomic structure. 


Ancient Egyptians recognized these elements’ anti-aging and healing powers and reserved them for the Pharaonic ruling caste. Gold was a powerful symbol in Ancient Egypt, and we now believe it was because they recognized the incredible restorative properties of monatomic gold. believes that all people deserve the chance to experience the energy-boosting properties of M-state elements. This is the Earth’s gift to us, known to people in the past and now rediscovered for our benefit. 

Energy for Mind, Body, and Soul

The energy supplied by these powders can enhance your body on every level: increased immune system, energy levels, cognitive clarity, sex drive, and general health and wellness. brings these minerals to you in their purest state—their M-state—to help you on a healing progression path or to combine with other products and create a powerful remedy. 


Turn your body into the light-charged, energetic powerhouse it was always meant to be. Go beyond your limits with the benefits of our white gold powders and rediscover what it means to be alive.