As 2013 comes to a close, the white hot topics of todays fast trackers is all about getting ahead. With a renewed spirit of competition in the work and academic worlds from people across the globe functioning in survival mode for the last 5 years, there’s no short supply on books, concentration music, new “techniques” to improve faster and more. For, the last 15+ years has been an intense focus and study on wellbeing, brain function, personal excellence and more. All of this is so fitting to the latest research and practices of the ambitious. From sleep and dreams to high nutrient superfoods, we’ve been participating in this area through the ups and downs of societies mass adoption of “Super Focus” for nearly two decades. One of the bi-products of our research and lab work is a simple pooling of our residual powders. Each harvest is different with the proportions of our high quality M-States. We call this mixture Kaleidoscope being symbolic of it’s beauty and ever changing mixture.