Balance as a word has so many applications and ways to be applied. Work, life, tight rope and much more. It feels like that at almost any moment, regardless of age, location, gender or situation, a person is performing some sort of “balancing act” that requires constant attention and focus. Unfortunately, too common it’s the unbalance that throws us off our line and requires us to pause or even start all over. From religion to politics, being single to being married, children or no children, job or no job, rich or poor,  balance is something we always seem to be pursuing either consciously or obliviously. Even more detrimental, once balance is achieved, we become so anxious about losing it that we throw our own selves into a spin. What is this mysterious “balance” we always aim to achieve? Why is this so difficult? Well, happiness is certainly one word that we could supplement balance for in many of these situations. This of course comes in many shapes and sizes and changes from one person to the next. Included in this newsletters were just a couple of examples of some popular and even ancient practices that help people achieve balance. We’d like to encourage anyone looking to find balance to continue on the hunt. It’s out there, can be achieved and even grasped for longer periods of time. One of the things that too many people over look and even neglect while focused on balance is their health. When we become unhealthy, it’s far too easy to fall into a vortex that makes balance nearly impossible, and even more harsh is how poor health can magnify other imbalances in our lives. From a good diet to exercise, good sleep to plenty of vitamin D, our health must be a top priority for our overall balance and…..the balance of others important to us in our lives. We hope that your path to balance is quick and once achieved is sustainable. We’re here to help in anyway that we can and we love to develop some of the best health-food products available for both the mind and the body. Best of luck in your pursuits.