Mindfulness. There are apps, classes, youtube videos, books, gurus, podcasts…the list goes on. A radical self-awareness is not a new idea, it’s an old one. You see, being aware of what’s around us is important, helpful and challenging at the same time. It can be difficult to truly be in tune with our environments. Even more difficult is being aware of the what’s within. The quest to command the inner world has been pursued for lifetimes across cultures and eras. This “inner world” is something that influences our day to day life, our emotions, how we behave, what desires we nourish and which ones we starve. This internal discipline is attractive. Jocko Willink has a great tag line, “Discipline = Freedom”. That’s a great one liner, deeper than the words suggest, and traces thousands of years of thinking.

One of the core reasons ZP.tech exists is to companion those seeking internal personal command. Those wanting an understanding of our interpersonal promptings and to have control and influence over our own thoughts. We’ve long believed that with the right diet, exercise, daily, weekly, monthly and annual rhythms and M-States, the stair case of self enlightenment is more ascendable. We wish you well this spring on the mindfulness stair climber and we’re happy to be with you.