For thousands of years, history teaches us that humans, as a species, have been interested in their own thinking. In…our thinking. We’re set apart from the rest of the beasts of the Earth. We “think” about thinking. Why are we here? To what end am I really doing this for? Also, we long for purpose and meaning with our actions. Philosophy, pre-cognitive thinking, meditating…. these are all uniquely human driven behaviors. Our minds, the chemicals they use and how they use them is special. It’s unique in its ability to process info, we’re the only species that cooks our food, which plays a role in our unique thinking. The human mind truly is a miracle and fascinating and there’s so much we still don’t know.

We’ve long been interesting in the betterment of the mind. If the mind is whole it so many other things seem to fall into place. For decade, M-States have been a tool of those seeking to enrich their mental state of being and powder forms of M-State deliveries continue to be the most popular way to consume them. 1-5-10, a promotion we only do twice a year for a limited time is your best place to get your supply of cognitive enriching M-States. We hope you enjoy this brief and while supply lasts promotion this month.