Have you ever been caught in that “tension” between having control and not having control? Have you at one point decided that everything is singularity and everything is only a process of reactions and function, then bounced to the other side thinking everything is somehow connected? Don’t worry, you’re normal. We learn both sides of the story and there’s compelling arguments for both. Living in this tension is part of the life experience. We process, react, decide and then do it all over again. Here at ZP.tech, we look to the brain and the mind regularly. It’s fascinating, there’s so much that we know and yet, we still know so little. New discoveries everyday all across the world take us further along this path. From time to time our thoughts may be consumed by a celebration, a problem, politics, religion, relationships, responsibilities and more. Other times, we find ourselves “free” from such mental captures then, we’re there again, caught in the tension. We’ve in the last year talked about stress, how to make the most of your time, how and why to invest in ourselves, how to gain and apply laser focus and how to let it all go. Have you ever had that “Zen moment” where everything seems to click and it’s unexplainable? Maybe it was in music, driving home from work and arriving in your driveway not remembering the commute, a task that you found a rhythm for and it was suddenly and enjoyably completed. These little moments we often times don’t reflect on or even pay much attention to when they happen but those little moments are so important. It’s those little moments where we’re released from that “tension” and find a mental freedom that we not only long for, but grow and strengthen in. The pursuit and reasons for these moments come by many names and practices depending on ones beliefs. Mediation, prayer, reflection, visualization, exercise and more. Regardless in which line in the sand a person stands on for an interpretation of tension, the desire for this mental freedom still remains. This spring, we encourage all to get out and get away for a bit. Seek out that mental freedom and relish in it. Enjoy!