This month, I had initially composed a very long article that expressed my concerns about the future of this industry due to folks making Extremely Bold Claims on Very Limited Scientific Evidence; as has happened in the past with countless other industries and technologies, all it takes is one Publicly Bad Account to spawn a great deal of negative notoriety in the media to which lawmakers and authorities respond by initiating a Nation-Wide “Witch-Hunt”. I mentioned that my main concern was “Charlatans” and Basic Debauchery (admittedly rampant in this field) making products that might make someone ill, and before something like this happens, I proposed that we create some sort of self-regulation in the industry to “Separate the Subtle from the Gross.” It is my persuasion that the integrity of the supplements & products we create as an entire industry should be protected; that was the underlying message of the entire article.
As a result, I suggested three Things: First, that we make clear definitions of the terms used in this industry: For instance, M-State, ORMUS, White Powder Gold, etc; these all need to be clearly defined, furthermore, each methodology for producing a supplement must fit within one of the terms and assigned an outlined definition. Secondly, I suggest that nothing can actually be called ORMUS/M-State/White Powder Gold; without having specific Testing using Carbon-Arc Spectroscopy created by the Soviets and outlined in Analytical Chemistry of the Platinum Group Elements and proven to display qualities similar to the results Hudson found in his Patents. Lastly, I strongly suggest that we hold the entire industry accountable for the products or supplements that they create by holding testing procedures that are universal and necessary for every field. We were getting ready to publish this article in this month’s newsletter when I ran across an Email saying that David Hudson’s Newest Presentation had come out and is now available to watch. Immediately I called to our Marketing Department and told them to stop the publication of my article until I watch this lecture on the basis that I may want to add something to it. I had no idea that I would be completely re-writing the article on the basis that I supported Hudson’s Work so much that it took precedent over my own research and suggestions.
For the first time in 12 years, David Hudson, the Modern “Godfather” of ORMUS, showed up and offered a Stellar Presentation on the history & discovery of this science as he performed it almost two decades ago. You can watch the entire lecture on YouTube, with the first of 13 episodes being linked to here: In his lecture, David Hudson spits out a lot of the same material he spoke about 12 years ago, but this time, he was very certain to quote his sources and then he also mentioned his latest work, which is of particular importance and the reason I am writing this now.
He explained that for the last 12 years, he has been overseas working with an extremely wealthy medical science organization that has funded a great deal of modern research, specifically for medical purposes. He doesn’t mention exactly what science has been performed on the method(s) they’re using (as I’m sure he’s under non-disclosure agreements), but he mentioned something pivotal in that presentation that is along the same vein as what I suggested in my proposed article: that we begin making ORMUS/M-State Technology a viable science with standardization and regulation that is acknowledged by the US Department of Weights and Measures. It will be measurable by what David outlined as “Mononucleitic Standards.” This will make it so that everyone who sells M-State or ORMUS supplements will be required to have their materials tested if they propose to sell their products by the name of ORMUS or M-State; this will not only tell if the ORMUS/M-State materials are present, but it will also be able to definitively determine in what quantities they appear. Whereas I was suggesting we take baby-steps for standardization based on clear definitions, David Hudson has offered a decisive way to standardize the entire industry. I, for one, think it is absolutely brilliant! Having said that, I still think it is a grand idea to get our definitions of terms sorted out, but we can do that another time. This research, in my opinion, is the most important and pressing to have done! As I mention in my unpublished article, just because it doesn’t contain M-State or ORMUS content, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it isn’t beneficial. It Just means that we can’t call it ORMUS or M-State. We need to get our terminology correct. But once this measurement procedure is done and we can start verifying which products have it and which don’t, then we can worry about Semantics.
As he mentions in the video, Hudson is currently selling memberships of $500 and taking donations to standardize this technology through the US Bureau of Weights and Measurements. He anticipates that it will only take roughly $10,000 to set this up– this is trivial to the $2.5 Million that he received by taking donations to set up his laboratory before he underwent his overseas ventures. I am under the impression that Hudson is taking the right steps to make this field a verifiable science with actual standards – something that I feel would be tremendously beneficial for everyone, especially the end-user. Though I am still weary of what he is producing overseas (because I fully support Robert E Cox’ Method, mainly due to my traditional laboratory Alchemy training), I think the standardization is long overdue and entirely necessary. I can’t wait for the progress that ensues in the field. Finally, a technology will exist that every Laboratory (at least in the US) will be able to use.
Progress is wonderful, is it not?