In the Wide World of ORMUS & M-State Technology, there are thousands of theories and speculations concerning the nature and functions thereof, yet few of these theories are backed by sufficient research and are usually derived from Metaphysical Legends or Pseudo-Spiritual heresay. Though there really isn’t any harm in developing a belief system around the history, usage, & function of M-state Elements, I feel as if it can be detrimental to our complete understanding of this science from a Quantum Perspective. Because of this, I would like to share a slightly more grounded approach to M-states with the intention to de-mystify this science and to provide a deeper look into the nature and behavior of such substances from an Alchemical Perspective.

In the Ancient Traditions of Alchemy, there exists a very important concept known as the Prima Materia: First Matter. This First Matter is said to be the Energetic Template, so to speak, for all other matter. And though Prima Materia can be found in all things, in only one thing is it largely concentrated here on Earth. The Prima Materia is one of the most important substances in performing Metallurgical Transformations of any sort. Though I won’t be going into detail concerning the production of the Prima Materia in this particular article, it is a very important concept to understand if we are to take a proper look at the Nature and Function of M-State Elements.

The Prima Materia is not, by any means, referring to M-States or ORME in the form of “White Powder Gold” as many speculative theorists might suggest. According to Traditional Laboratory Alchemy, It is actually Referring to Carbon; more specifically, an “empty” form of Carbon that can be arranged in various geometric patterns that mineral elements can use as a growth template. In this primal form, the ratio of Potential Energy far exceeds the amount of Kinetic Energy, as very little of it is dense enough to form a mineral in the Physical Plane.

Based on years of research both at ZP.Tech as well as in my own personal laboratories, It appears as if these primal geometric forms of Empty Carbon compose what we commonly refer to as M-State Elements. M-States serve as the partially physical – partially etheric forms of matter before they enter into lattice or congregate states, commonly recognized as the Minerals and Metals in the Periodic Table. Basically, it would appear as if M-State Elements contain much more Potential Energy than Kinetic, allowing them to be slightly adaptogenic in nature, especially when consumed by biological life forms.

This is also supported by literally thousands of user testimonies of our products here at ZP.Tech. Though the same elements are being consumed by our customers, every individual has completely different experiences depending on what they are going through at the time of use. From a limited skeptical perspective, it might seem as if M-State & ORMUS supplements might just be the most powerful Placebo-like substance on Earth. But, at a much more in-depth look, taking into account the previously misunderstood nature of M-States, they are simply full of Adaptogenic forms of Potential Energy that can then be transformed into Kinetic Energy within the body. In accordance with Quantum Laws, it appears as if things that contain Potential Energy are able to be directly influenced using the Quantum Force of Consciousness to produce Kinesis. This is why I theorize that M-State Supplements are of such tremendous benefit to individuals – they simply transform the points of attention derived from the consciousness of the user into physical manifestations.

Now, I’m not claiming that my stances on this matter are correct or that it would even be wise to adopt this particular theory. Much more observation is necessary before we can determine anything. Still, it offers a much more grounded perspective on M-State Elements that takes into account the Quantum-Relativity relationship and provides a basis for further scientific examination and exploration. Further progress made to this field could very well help us understand the intermediate steps of Transformation between Dark Energy to Dark Matter, from Dark Matter to Light Matter, and Light Matter into Tangible and Fractal Density. And After All, one thing that is common between all of us who use M-State Supplements is that we are all looking to further experience and understand Evolution & Transformation.

Brady Phillips (also known as Phoenix Aurelius) serves as Senior Laboratory Operations Manager and M-State Alchemist for ZP.Tech. He has studied with and is an honorary member of the International Alchemy Guild. He is the Founder of the Phoenix Aurelius Academy of Alchemy & Mysticism and the former founder and headmaster of the Diviner’s Rights Institute of Alchemical Mastery. You can connect with him on Facebook: