Metallurgy Articles

Unusual Metals Could Forge New Cancer Drug

ScienceDaily (Oct. 19, 2009) — Drugs made using unusual metals could form an effective treatment against colon and ovarian cancer, including cancerous cells that have developed immunity to other drugs, according to research at the University of Warwick and the...

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Ruthenium Used to Sucker Punch Cancer

Chemists are pulling cancer onto a sucker punch by getting infected cells to drop their guard - according to research published today. They are using the metal ruthenium as a catalyst to a cancer-busting reaction which calls up an old cellular enemy - oxidants - as an...

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Antitumor Antibiotics that Change the Shape of DNA

The local three-dimensional structure of DNA is important in interactions with proteins involved in repair, transcription, recombination, and chromatin condensation. Recently, it has been proposed that antibiotics can induce formation of DNA structures that can...

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Can New ‘Super Chemotherapy’ Conquer Ovarian Cancer?

A revolutionary new way of delivering chemotherapy, 1,000 times stronger than normal, offers hope to women battling ovarian cancer. The anti-cancer drugs are put directly into the abdomen, via a catheter, instead of being injected into the bloodstream using an...

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What Are the Benefits of Zinc Supplements?

Zinc is essential for proper functioning of all of the body's cells. In some cases, zinc supplements can boost health and well-being. Zinc is obtained from foods and is added to some. Dietary supplements can boost zinc levels in the body. Zinc can also be found in...

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The Benefits of Zinc Supplements For Your Body

Zinc supplements provide a much needed mineral that is needed by each and every cell in your body. The body is unable to produce zinc on it's own, which is why we need to makes sure we eat enough food that contains the mineral, drink enough water, or use the proper...

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Health Benefits of Zinc The health benefits of Zinc include proper functioning of immune system, digestion, control of diabetes, improves stress level, energy metabolism, acne and wounds healing. Also,...

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High Altitude and Athletic Training

The underlying problem with high altitude (>2000 m) is that there is less oxygen and while this may not be that threatening to individuals at rest it does pose a challenge to athletes. Of course for the pure anaerobic events no adaptation is required so this...

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