A former google exec says 40% of all jobs will be gone to AI in 15 years. Things change fast. 15 years ago Facebook didn’t exist…neither did iPhone, YouTube, VHS was battling it out with DVDs and believe it or not, “they” were only on “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” in the movie franchise.

It’s easy right now, and maybe it’s always been this way, to think that “things are changing”. Indeed, they are. But, somethings stay the same. The solstice, for thousands of years has been a dependable occurrence ancient people for millennia used to mark the end of an era and the beginning of a new one, they dreaded the weather and fewer hours of daylight yet many cultures celebrated. It only seems till recently that these “life changing” seasonal patterns haven’t mattered and are now decorated with pumpkin spice lattes, elves on shelves and heard like movements back to a building with workout equipment. Sure there’s the ball drop…but if you have kids at home you can watch it on Netflix at anytime. To be fair, these “new” traditions have values and can have meaning for many.  =)

Take a brief glance at history, spend just 10 minutes, looking at the solstice and you’ll be greeted with the brilliance of history, anthropological studies, different religious views, meanings and a return to purpose that easily outshines the twinkle of a 70% off sale of seasonal wrapping paper, and we sense it. We long for it. We…miss it. Do you feel it? The Solstice has happened? What does it mean for you?

We approach the solstice each year with a posture of gratitude. “Another year” clicks by, some faster for others…yet most of us…thankful for the year gone and eager to move into a new one.

We make a product that celebrates the Solstice and we’re very happy we do. Solstice is a powerful blend of Gold, Silver and Iron. These three metals alone are very high conductors of electricity. Silver #1, Gold #3 behind copper and Iron #9 respectably. We’ve learned that these high conducting metals can enhance the essence of the moment. We grew these crystals that we’re giving away with orders over $100 during the Solstice just a few weeks ago.  We hope they give you as much joy and embrace of the new year that they’ve given us. Welcome to 2019.