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Elevate Your Earnings With 20% Commissions.

Why Join Us?


Due to our explosive growth of Ormes Monatomic Mineral Supplements over the last 15 years,  we received hundreds of requests to implement a growth minded affiliate program for our customers and business partners to enjoy. 

The wait is over.  Our site now provides our affiliates an easy to use business platform that provides analytical data tracking wirth every click and purchase.

Program Details.


All affiliates receive 20% commission on any sales referred by the affiliates link, banner, or any other creative.  Post creatives on Website, blog and socials.

Our Affiliates account is free and once approved our affiliates have full access to the business dashboard where they can find everything needed to promote Ormes Monatomic M-State Products.

Day Sticky Cookies

Cap On Earnings


Average Purchase Rate


Affiliate Support

  • Mobile Sales 80% 80%
  • Time On Site 54% 54%
  • Conversion Rate 19% 19%
  • Email Subscribers 42.7% 42.7%

The Results Are Amazing


Our Products sell themselves.  M-state minerals are blowing up and we are positioned to be the #1 lab that makes Ormes minerals in the world.

Join us now and reap the benefits of the upcoming industry trend.

Our Commitment To You.


AT ZP.Tech we know the value of providing a quality customer experience.

That is why we are committed to providing our affiliates and their referrals with the highest quality M-State Ormes Monatomic Minerals.

Our automated affiliate system is user friendly and requires very little setup.

Join Now And Start Earning.

Unlimited Earning Potential

Zp.tech will never cap our affiliate commissions.

45 Day Cookie

Anytime someone clicks through your link, you will receive any commissions from that customers sales, for 45 days.

Payouts Every 30 Days

Using a Paypal account, our affiliates recieve thier refferal commissions every 30 days. *Paypal Account Required.

Zynergy plus group Monoatomic Gold and ormes mstates

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