We’ve been in the M-State business for decades and two dominant deliver systems continue to rule the way. Liquids and Powders and mainly, powders. We’ve looked at so many others like, gels, pill capsules, compressed tablets and more.  Powders, (a personal favorite) are unique in delivery and experience. Regularly the question of “what’s that white powder” is raised and it certainly is a conversation starter. There’s very little difference between the powder inside of a capsule than a powder in a vile that you measure yourself other than you have to pay attention to many more things. You see, M-State powders get you more closely involved with your health and wellbeing. What we’ve found is that people, paying attention to volumes, usage and measurements, there arises a keen interest in our own health. Obviously, society is attempting to make everything easier, and most of the time that’s a good thing. We’re partial to the idea that when you are measuring, evaluating, considering and contemplating things that impact your health like an M-State powder, you take it more seriously. That’s a motivator behind our powders.

We’d like to invite everyone into an active, conscious participation into the health of your mind, body and spirit. We think these small engagement steps of using powder forms of M-States help bring us all a little closer to a sense of self care, investment and responsibility.