It’s been an exciting time here at the lab recently. Well, it’s always exciting, but we’ve brought out the video gear and began to work on new video Vlogs to share more information about, our products and how to use them. We’re very excited to share our usage instructions video. Because products are so flexible, there’s countless ways to enjoy your M-States. Over the last two years, we’ve shared a recipe each month with new ways to cook with your M-States. From Baked Salmon to Smoothies, M-States are very exciting to cook with. As we make our way into Spring, many will find new things to do, wipe the dust of the spring and summer toys and begin to prepare for a renewal to life. Habits from the winter months can sometimes be hard to let go of. One of the easiest places to start is with activity. Yoga has been around for a long time and has proven benefits for both physical and mental health. Many shy away from Yoga due to the odd poses and it’s been firmly attached to a female activity. Men, we strongly encourage you to take another look at yoga. Not to exclude the ladies out there, but you girls seemed to have figured this out. For men, here’s a great artciel for you to review to see if any of the benefits of yoga are appealing to you. Enjoy and welcome to spring!