Zptech Gold crystals

Powder Texture and Consistency

February 2020 Erik J.


There’s a really awesome and bizarre phenomenon I’d like to share with our friends and customers.

Sometimes different powders are lighter and fluffier than others and here’s what we’ve found is why during our 20 years of producing these important materials.

All of our Monoatomic powders are produced from dried crystals, that are grown in liquid, in the lab. Sometimes the heaviness and graininess differ when dried. Sometimes vials are filled more then other times, but the energetic qualities of the crystals and powders never change. Crystal and grain size does not have any effect on mineral or elemental properties.

Some people have asked “Why are some powders more grainy and heavier than others? The answer isn’t quite so simple, so I think I better explain. Mother nature has many twists and turns in the calibration process. Temperature is always trying to equalize, thus causing wind. Sun, clouds, storms, and the Earth changing from night to day, all keep climate interesting. When the angle of the Earth axis shifts from Summer to Winter, it ensures the entire Earth gets it’s share of sunshine and big temperature changes.

Crystallization occurs differently depending on certain factors. Temperature, evaporation, saturation levels, and Barometric pressure levels. Rapid cooling creates small crystals with many shards. When the cooling process slows down, crystals form larger and grow slowly, they become thick and solid. And this difference make them dry differently.

After we harvest and rinse the crystals, they go in glass drying dishes, where we oxidize them and prepare them for final usage. During this drying process, we’ve found that the Winter months produce fluffier powder then Summer months. It took us many years to figure out that when the Barometric pressure rises and falls quickly and things are generally colder in the winter months, crystals dry quicker and fluffier.

In the Summer when the humidity is higher and temperatures are generally warmer, the drying process takes on a different energy and dries to a grainier finish. When we weigh and bottle the different vials, the powders are sometimes fluffier than others, thus filling the vials more, and the heavier, grainier powders fill the vials less. Everything is filled by weight using a digital scale, so it just looks like more or less product, but in fact it’s just the properties of the powders.

We have long known this and never expressed it to our clients and customers, so we just wanted to share the phenomenon with you. It’s been a weird lab thing that has always been present since I’ve started doing this. It took me quite some time to “see it” and realize that the time of year makes a difference in how our M-State crystals grow and dry. It’s very important to remember that the size of the crystal grains do not have any effect on the physical or energetic properties. It’s just a cool, bizarre observance I wanted to share.