Superhealth Through Modern Metallurgy

Developing and distributing White Powder Gold and M-State Monoatomic Elements Worldwide

Extraction and compounding of various noble metals, produces an extreme concentration of “superfood.”

The conductivity which feeds the building blocks of life and higher consciousness. These are the highest quality monoatomic elements.

These are also known as ORMES (Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements) or ORMUS and M-state Monoatomic or Monatomic Elements and the newest theories in physics assert that some elements on the periodic chart might be diatomic (two atoms) or small atomic cluster “condensates,” which are known in the scientific community as “Bose-Einstein Condensates.” starts with natural monoatomic elements from Southern Utah. Mineral deposits found here are among the highest concentrations in the world. We collect and use these base materials in many of our high quality monoatomic formulas.


Real Change In 2018

As we kick off the new year and chase down our goals, ambitions, resolutions....or even avoid the whole game altogether, there's something that stirs at the beginning of each year. A stirring that's good for some...maybe not so good for some. Either way, there's a lot...

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Relationships Matter

Let’s be honest. The holidays are hard for almost every relationally for some reason. The sense of being alone, the feeling of having to see people you don’t really want to or be reminded of previous life experiences. The holidays seem to have an edge to them for many...

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Thankfulness and the Mind

It's the season of thankfulness! And we are! We're thankful to you, for your support and encouragement to keep us driving forward in the exploration of M-States. What we also are thankful for is the brain. It's a profound thing, and one that science reveals is...

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