super health

Superhealth Through Modern Metallurgy

Developing and distributing White Powder Gold and M-State Monoatomic Elements worldwide.

Extraction and compounding of various noble metals, produces an extreme concentration of “superfood.”

The conductivity which feeds the building blocks of life and higher consciousness. These are the highest quality monoatomic elements.

These are also known as ORMES (Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements) or ORMUS and M-state Monoatomic Elements, and the newest theories in physics assert that some elements on the periodic chart might be diatomic (two atoms) or small atomic cluster “condensates,” which are known in the scientific community as “Bose-Einstein Condensates.” starts with natural monoatomic elements from Southern Utah. Mineral deposits found here are among the highest concentrations in the world. We collect and use these base materials in many of our high quality monoatomic formulas.


Waiting Until Something Is Wrong

Our health is something most of us easily say is important to us. Why is it so hard to stay focused on it? Unfortunately, it's not usually until there's something wrong that we take action. It's not you. It's the world and culture. Most work in jobs that don't easily...

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Spring is here and so is the rejuvenation! Do you feel it? The new life? The new ideas? What big ideas do you have? We've all got something up our sleeve, or we long to. That's one of the big motivating factors behind the efforts here at We aim to participate...

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New Metals In R&D

2015 is off to a great start! We've got a lot of exciting things going on in the lab and we can't wait to start sharing more of them with you. We're adding a completely new and exciting line of M-States to the line up here at and in the coming months we'll be...

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